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Original Absolute Bird Feeder

Original Absolute Bird Feeder

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Absolutely squirrel resistant-proven from years of best selling customer feedbackOur customers swear by the Original Absolute ‚ it keeps out squirrels and large birds too. This rugged - all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder has a weight-activated perch. When a squirrel steps onto the perch - a metal shield immediately covers the seed tray - shutting off the seed supply. The perch is adjustable to three positions to allow light - medium or heavy birds on the perch. No matter what the adjustment - the Absolute will always block out squirrels. Depending on your settings - birds of a certain weight will also trip the perch. A chart of bird weights comes with the feeder - so you can choose the size birds you want to feed. The Original Absolute offers single-sided dining and holds up to 10 pounds of seed. The roof lifts for easy filling and locks down securely. Includes a steel hanging rod for hanging - and a 5 foot sectional post with metal mounting bracket and ground socket for pole mounting. All-steel construction. 12 x 13 x 9-.50 inches. Includes a 5 year Manufacturers Guarantee.

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