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Premium Convertible Roost House

Premium Convertible Roost House

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Help your birds survive bitter winter nights.This roosting box provides airtight insulation against winter winds. Perfect for sheltering goldfinches - wrens and other birds during cold - wet and windy weather. Our specially designed ladder provides generous perching space for six birds - so they can huddle together for warmth in the comfortable roosting cavity. The ladder can be removed to transform this roost into a nesting box once spring arrives. In that case - flip the front panel so the entry hole is on the top and your birds have room to build their nests - away from the reach of predators. 8 x 9 x 12-.50 inches. Fits up to 6 birds with 1-.50 inch entry hole Provide warm - reliable shelter for your birds Durable metal predator guard keeps out unwanted critters Easy to clean and perfect for year-round use Made in the USA

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