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Shield Sunflower and Nut Feeder

Shield Sunflower and Nut Feeder

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Birds will go nuts for this adorable acorn-shaped hopperThe playful shape of this acorn bird feeder is specially designed to serve several of birds favorite foods. Chickadees - titmice - and others will flock to eat black oil sunflower seed - shelled peanuts - or whole hearts - while the woodpeckers will go wild for peanut butter slathered on the sides. Or you may choose to leave the feeding holes as is and birds will peck at seed from all four sides.This feeder features smooth sides - just like an acorn - mimicked even further by the rich shades of brown recycled plastic. This eco-friendly hybrid holds up to 1-.50 lbs. of seed and is reinforced with .25 inch stainless steel mesh. Lift the acorn cap to easily refill the feeder. Includes 9-.50 inch vinyl-coated hanger. 5 x 5-5-8 x 7-.25 inches. Made in the USA.

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