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Squirrel Resistant Birders Choice

Squirrel Resistant Birders Choice

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Our most economical -weight-activated- feeder. Like the Absolute and Absolute II feeders - the Birder ‚ Choice is an all-metal squirrel-resistant feeder with a weight-activated perch. When a squirrel steps onto the perch - a metal shield drops down - covering the seed tray - keeping the squirrels out. The perch adjusts to three positions to allow light - medium or heavy birds on the perch. No matter what the adjustment - the Birder ‚ Choice always blocks out squirrels. Depending on your settings - birds of a certain weight will also trip the perch. A chart of bird weights comes with the feeder - so you can choose the size birds you want to feed. The Birder ‚ Choice has a slightly smaller capacity than the Absolute feeders ‚ it holds about 5 pounds of seed. A 12 inch metal hanger and a metal pole bracket are included. The pole is sold separately. It has the same great lid that locks securely and opens wide for easy filling and cleaning. Measures 5-.75 x 10-.50 x 12-.50 inches.

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