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Swallow and Sparrow Colony Nesting Box

Swallow and Sparrow Colony Nesting Box

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Enjoy watching more birds nest in your yard.Perfect for attracting beautiful swallows and friendly cavity nesters - this 3-in-1 nesting box features three separate nesting compartments. Once you remove the clear plastic dividers - twist the lower eye hook and pull down the bottom panel - the birdhouse turns into a smooth and easy to clean chute. Made from durable green and brown recycled plastic. Post mount in an open area. 4-.75 x 4-.75 x 21-.75 inches. Made in the USA. 3 entry holes with 1-.25 inch openings Easy to maintain swallow and sparrow birdhouse Mount with easy hanging metal tabs for stability on any post Remove mid-floorings and loosen bottom panel for easy cleaning Made in the USA

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